The Santos Sisters is a rapidly spreading quarterly comic book publication being distributed worldwide by the largest comic book distributor. At this time we boast a growing readership of 5,000 readers. 

Do you remember the ads in the back of comic books  for sea monkeys or x-ray specs? Of course you do, their tropes have become timeless. You now have the opportunity to create a generation spanning ad in the pages of The Santos Sisters comic book. Our comic is printed on newsprint on a 4 color press. Our nostalgic, yet completely current feel has tapped into the same adult demographic that collects and spends millions of dollars on vinyl records. The same demographic that spends $300 plus dollars supporting a Haslab project. We are confident that your ad spend in our comic will prove positive.

Here is what the folks at the prestigious, The Comics Journal had to say:


I’m sure you might have some questions about all of this, and I’m available for you. Contact me directly by phone or email at your convenience to take the next step in this partnership. 


email us directly- 

call or text the hot line- 847.401.8636 

Past Advertisers include; BCW Supplies, Gemini Supply Company, Nerdzoic Toy Store, Club Huey, Playdate, Faux Brushes, Longbox Heroes, Hozac Books, Howling Pages, Manzanillo Rentals

Issue 3 

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