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Right now, your brand has the chance to capture imaginations with a advertisement in upcoming issue of the Santos Sisters and or American Nature Presents comic books.

We know it kind of sounds crazy, but print ads in comic books hold their value and reach new customers longer than you might think. Between the market for new comic books, and the market for collectible comics, books recirculate for months and years and experience a very long shelf life. Doesn't your product deserve to be timeless? We offer a range of advertising packages to suit all budgets and marketing goals. Best of all, our readers have disposable incomes — and they aren't afraid to spend it on the things they need and like

Santos Sisters has been an indie success, with the prestigious 'Comics Journal' calling it a "highly entertaining comic." It has been featured on the Comics Journal's best of lists. We boast a constantly growing readership and worldwide distribution.

Here is what the folks at the prestigious, The Comics Journal had to say:


I’m sure you might have some questions, and we are here to answer them.  Contact us directly by phone or email at your convenience to take the next step in this partnership. 

email - 

call or text the hot line- 847.401.8636 

Past Advertisers include; BCW Supplies, Gemini Supply Company, Nerdzoic Toy Store, Club Huey, Playdate, Faux Brushes, Longbox Heroes, Hozac Books, Howling Pages, Manzanillo Rentals, Twin Anchors Ribs, Marz Brewing, Boise Comic Arts Festival ,

Partners and Son

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